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“Next Time Around”, my first studio CD of original songs in over 10 years, is available, now. :)

“Next Time Around”, my first studio CD of original songs in over 10 years, is available, now.  :)

“Next Time Around”, my first studio CD of original songs in over 10 years, is available, now. :)

Hello friends and fans, let’s get right to the big news –
“Next Time Around”, my first studio CD of original songs in over 10 years, is available, now. ¬†ūüôā

You can order the physical CD HERE (Yes we still make those)  Pre-orders shipped on Oct 21st, all others shipped on the next day.
If you just can’t wait, download it¬†on iTunes HERE
Your free download, “Orange Raincoat”, a Purpose/Zollo collaboration, and just pure fun,¬†is HERE
¬†(If you preordered the CD a long time, and can’t wait another week, shoot me an email or facebook message and I’ll provide you with a link to download the whole thing right now.)¬†
It’s been quite a ride to get to this place – thanks for still being here! A few highlights –¬†
The record was made at Blue Rock Artist Ranch & Studio outside of Austin, where creative energy runs strong, and commitment to excellence goes deep,  evidenced by, among other things, the number of days producer Billy Crockett stayed up to the wee hours working on this. Billy is the best thing about this record, although there are some other highlights, too:
We have a previously unrecorded Dave Carter song – “Girl from Golden”.
We have 4 great female vocalists offering their talents on the project – Ruth Moody,¬†Tracy Grammer, Devon Sproule, and Karen Mal. How cool is that? (let’s not forget to mention Devon’s husband, Paul Curerri.)
We have an amazing piece of art from Wayne Bezinski on the cover of the CD. (see below)
What a band! РDaran DeShazo on electric guitar, Glenn Fukunaga on Bass, & Dony Wynn on Drums. 
Dirje Smith and Adrian Dolan added additional pieces of musical magic to the tracks, and Billy filled in masterfully wherever needed.
And the songs – We have the title track, “Next Time Around” written with Kevin Faherty and his wife Donna, inspired by the Carousel of Happiness, which spins about a mile from my house and is worth seeking out if you haven’t yet.¬†A “Song for Rachel Corrie” – the story continues to inspire me, this track with some haunting vocals by Ruth Moody of the Wailin Jenny’s. (She’s the writer of the song – “One Voice” – if you’ve been to my house, I’ve probably insisted you to listen to Ruth’s song and introduced it to you by saying, “This is the greatest song ever written.” Ok, so I’m given to didactic and emphatic pronouncements. Still, that is a great song!)
Tracy Grammer sings with me on the Dave Carter song. I am a lucky man, enough said. Paul Zollo and I wrote 3 of these songs together and I consider them the backbone of the project. I wrote a tribute to the great Colorado and Oregon runner, my friend, Melody Fairchild – “Race the Wind”. A couple of older songs that never got studio treatment – “The Stories that We Tell”, written with my longtime friend and collaborator, Robert Morgan Fisher and “The Fourth Chair”, with Kathleen Brophy; ¬†There is “Amy”, the love song that I wrote for the heroine of “Halfway Home”. I played it for her on our second date, a long time ago. It remained buried until Billy heard it and insisted on resurrecting it. Then he made it his own with a stunning gut string guitar break.
Have I missed something? Probably. There will be more.
I gotta say it’s good to be back in the mix. Thanks for your patience with me (it’s been a good seven years in these Rocky Mountains) and hope to talk more story at a CD Release show near you in the coming year.
All my best,

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