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EACH THURSDAY 5pm west coast, 8pm east coast time, Darryl will play three songs for us, tell us a story or two, answer our questions and such. Thanks for tuning in! For Liking and Sharing! Keep Darryl honest - he's committed to a YEAR of these. And no repeats! No repeats? Yes, no repeats! Find these on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE and other formats. 


SUNDAY September 12th I'll be live in person in BOULDER COLORADO

Get your tickets here:

Colorado - your prodigal son is coming home, to co-host a story slam in Boulder with Johanna Walker, one week from tonight Sunday Sept 12. 

Boulder's Story Slam is hosting an IN-PERSON slam on September 12th @dairyarts center- and I'll be co-hosting alongside Johanna Walker, speaking coach and lover of all things story! 

⁠Join us for a laugh-inducing, heart-opening, edge-of-your-seat night of true, 5-minute stories told from the heart — while having the opportunity to make raw, real, face-to-face human connection! 

Audience members are invited to put their names in our hat. If your name is drawn, you'll come to the stage and tell your true, five minute story in any way related to the theme.⁠ 

⁠The theme for the night is LAND, so this'll be your chance to tell us a story about that in anyway that relates to the theme. 

What happened when you LANDED the job of your dreams? Where did last year LAND you? What did you experience after realizing your house was built on ancient LAND?⁠⁠ 

Come tell us about it on September 12th!⁠ 

If you don't want the mic, but just want to come and listen to a great night of face-to-face storytelling, that’s cool too! ⁠ 

Get your tickets here:


I'll be appearing Live streaming Friday night with Ellis Paul 5pm California time.


In this photo, I’m standing next to the greatest black jack player on the planet. I mean it. He’s in the Black Jack Hall of Fame. He’s got a plaque. 

He also happens to be one of my favorite songwriters. 

If ever a human being embodied the classic Kenny Rogers song “The Gambler,” it’s Darryl Purpose. His history of traveling the world for music and blackjack games, by foot, by bike, by train, plane and automobile would give him enough frequent flyer miles to roll to Pluto and back. 

And the stories! God, his stories! All of them incredible— all of them true; playing in the newly opened Russia on stage with James Taylor, being arrested in a foreign country for sneaking a card counting machine in his shoes, his brushes with the law, casino thugs, the wearing of disguises, and partnering with a team of Halloween bedecked gamblers, walking and hitchhiking across the country, and then seeking a break from the utter chaos by following his heart instead of dollar signs into the gentle rooms of folk music fans across the country. 

Those tales are just touching the surface of his music and gambling. Then there’s the stories of the temple of his body and his DNA, of sitting in a restaurant and being tapped on the shoulder by a doctor who says— “Forgive me for the interruption, but I specialize in the treatment of a specific kind of cancer and I can see by your appearance that you display symptoms of having it”. Then seeing that doctor on Monday who confirmed that an illness unknown to Darryl, that had plagued him for years with difficult symptoms, had finally been properly diagnosed. And afterwards, how he found a path of health and dropped 100 pounds through body care, intermittent fasting, and meditation. 

How he found out he had a father who had a secret separate family he never knew, and discovered these long lost sisters and brothers as adults. How he reconnected with his own daughter after having been separated and estranged from her in Russia and finally becoming lovingly reunited with her in her adulthood in the US. 

Wow! Right? 

I think trying to explain himself— to gambling thugs, casino owners, customs agents, cancer doctors, newly discovered sisters and brothers, James Taylor, the police, his daughter, folk fans, and me— and you— had given Darryl the super powers of a great storyteller. 

He is the master of essential information. Too much truth can be an overstatement. Can get you in trouble. Just tell the essential truth. Because telling the whole of it will put you in a prison in Jamaica for six weeks. Or lose your access to your daughter. Or leave you off stage humming “Fire and Rain” by yourself. 

I’m going to be sitting with Darryl Purpose this Friday Night on my Traveling Medicine Show broadcasting a livestream at 8pm ET on all my socials but mainly on FB Live Ellis Paul Music & More, and at www.PATREON/ellispaul. 

We will sing songs, tell tales. Maybe we even play a game of blackjack and show you how the counting gets done. 

Our theme will be “The Gamble of Nature”— we will be singing songs both popular and our originals that fall under that enticing category. I hope you join us! 


In the mid 90’s, when I was just beginning to think about touring nationally and sharing my songs, I stumbled upon a late night ‘campfire’ at the Kerrville Folk Festival. I found myself in an other-worldly stupor, where people were sharing songs with just their guitar, while others listened with a precious pin-drop intensity. 

And the thing was, that these people were playing songs just as good as my heroes; Paul Simon, Jackson Browne, Karla Bonoff, etc. And they were basically ‘unknowns’. they had names like Dar Williams, Buddy Mondlock, Louise Taylor, Pierce Pettis, Ruthie Foster & Kevin Faherty. 

And the other thing was, it wasn’t a dream. 

But the guy who really caught my ear, that night, and made me wanna be like him - was Ellis Paul. So in a later, late night chat session, after the music had died down and the sun was coming up, I asked, “Ellis, how can I be like you?” 

He said, “You gotta come to New England.” 

Months later I knocked on his door in Medford Massachusetts, with a suitcase and a guitar. Vance Gilbert had just moved out, there was a room available. 

By the time I moved out a year and a half later, Ellis had shown me how an artist lives, how an artist creates. I took notes. Actually I didn’t, but I should have. In that short time I saw he not only could sing better and write better than anyone I knew, I saw how he nurtured his creativity. It began early in the day and ended late in the night. 

He worked harder than anyone else as well. And I saw him reap the rewards of his talent and efforts. 

I’ve seen a lot of friends call Ellis their bestie, so I won’t go there, but let me just encourage you to join us Friday night, and if you haven’t gone deep in the Ellis Paul catalogue, I recommend giving it a try. He’s written about a thousand songs and I don’t think there’s even one throw away.



CAMP NED is happening in Occidental California starting July 15th - for info!

Saturday 1:30-2:30 MeadowGrass Festival in Colorado Springs at the La Foret Conference and Retreat Center

Sunday May 9th 6pm Mountain Time BOUND FOR GLORY radio show will be rebroadcasting Darryl's live show from 4/14/2013 

Friday May 7th 6pm Mountain Time Darryl will be a special guest of the Nobody's Girl trio (featuring Rebecca Loebe, BettySoo, and Grace Pettis)