Darryl Purpose

Still the Birds press

Still the Birds press

Still the Birds press –  what folks are saying:

“…there’s no end to the superior songs and equally adept performances, a combined bounty that’s more than capable of taking Purpose out of the shadows and soaring like those birds he name-checks in the title.”
~ Lee Zimmerman, NoDepression

An interview with Darryl and Video Premiere at M Music Magazine

“Yes, Darryl Purpose sounds like James Taylor. And, yes, he has an amazing backstory…These songs are so good they eclipse all that. Purpose has a rare flair for writing memorable mellifluous melodies, and on ‘Still the Birds’ he pairs them with marvelous lyrics by Paul Zollo, who has written a rhyming dictionary and shows it by pairing ‘Halloween’ with ‘gabardine.’ Purpose’s folksy tunes enchant thanks to their surprising twists, such as the octave-and-a-half leap in the chorus of ‘When Buddha Smiled at the Elephant.’ Elsewhere he sings about gangs, devotion, Dylan Thomas, and wars today and two centuries ago. Keep this up, and someday folks will say James Taylor sounds like Darryl Purpose.”~ Steve Wine, Associated Press (read the whole review in The Washington Post, ABC News, Yahoo News, Daily Mail)

“This is absolutely superb work from one of a kind. ”
~ Jim Hynes – Elmore Magazine (read whole review here)

“His duet with Eliza Gilkyson, ‘The Meaning of My Love,’ …shares subtle similarities with the John Prine & Iris DeMent’s duet ‘In Spite of Ourselves,’ more softly played and articulated emotionally by Darryl and Eliza…”
~ Chris Kresge – Colorado Sound (read whole review here)

“Whoosh! It sweeps you right up. Big guy. Big heart. Big songs. Thank you Darryl Purpose and Paul Zollo for some beautiful art.”
~ Marilyn Rae Beyer – WUMB

“Fascinating, ingratiating, controversial, interesting, deep and somewhat off-center…”
~ Soundwaves

“All 11 of the songs here, written by Purpose and his partner Paul Zollo, are intriguing, the words filled with brilliant imagery while Purpose’s laid-back, warm vocal style imbues the whole album with an underlying sense of deep compassion for the human condition. Get this album and listen with care. If you like lyrics that demand attention and that will make you think, Purpose is going to make you very happy.”
~ Rhetta – Making a Scene (read the full review here)

“Way too accomplished an album for the indie world, if this roustabout can wrangle and corral the audience this set deserves, fireworks will ensue. Well done.”
~ Midwest Record blog   (read the whole review here)

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