Darryl Purpose

Sunday Songs

Singer songwriter Darryl Purpose is sharing a video song each week: it’s called “A SUNDAY SONG” here are the links:

  • #1 “Rainbow Connection” – Performed with The Super Saturated Sugar Strings downstairs at the Pinecliff House in Nederland Colorado. Kari behind the camera. February 25th, 2018
  • #2 “The Girl Who Only Cries In One Eye” – Performed with Arwen Ek on the deck of the Pinecliff House in Nederland Colorado. A new DP song. March 4th, 2018
  • #3 “Where You Can Find Me” – Performed at Hub Ned in Nederland Colorado. Written by DP, this song is on his 1st album, “Right Side Of Zero“. March 11th, 2018.
  • #4 “Next Time Around” Performed with Maggie, Cate, Emmie, and Genevieve at the Cormier’s house in Bangor ME. Written by DP, Kevin Faherty, and Donna DeStefano. Inspired by and about the Carousel of Happiness, this is the title track of DP’s 7th album, “Next Time Around“. Joe Mercandante behind the camera. March 25th, 2018
  • #5 “Right Side Of Zero” Performed with Brenda Peltier at her place in Portland Oregon. This is the title track of DP’s 1st album. Kari behind the camera. March 18th, 2018
  • #6 “Baltimore” Performed with Paul Zollo in the living room of the Pinecliff House. Written by DP and PZ. Camera by Joshua Zollo. This song lives on DP’s 8th album, “Still The Birds
  • #7 Child of Hearts/King of Hearts Performed at Avogadro’s Number in Ft Collins live at a DP show. with Beth McCumber Wilberger. “Child Of Hearts” was written by DP & Elizabeth Fairchild. King of Hearts was written by Kari Naumova, Peter Mulvey, Kevin Faherty, Paul Zollo, Joshua Zollo, Tracy Grammer, & DP. Child of Hearts lives on DP’s 3rd album, “Travelers Code
  • #8 Dreams of Life – hmm… This link seems to not work. Perhaps we didn’t ‘save’ the video on Facebook, and it has disappeared? We will do this song again!
  • #9 Falling Slowly Performed with Megan Riordan in Las Vegas at Munchkin and Nelia’s house. Written by Glen Hansard and …
  • #10 I Lost a Day to the Rain with the Mercadante and van Nort family,and Sarah from Austin
    Karolina on camera, a song co-written with Ellis Paul.
  • #11 Holy Now  performed with Emma Sloniker, Colleen Crosson & Laura Oden at the Crosson/Sloniker house in Ft Collins. Written by Peter Mayer.
  • #12 We Become The Stories That We Tell, Performed with the Sam Pacetti in the home of Little Tree Acoustics (Joe Werne) Written by DP and Robert Morgan Fisher,
  • #13 Hours In A Day, co-written with Paul Zollo, This song lives on DP’s 8th album, 2016’s “Still The Birds
  • #14 Bryant Street, co-written with Ellis Paul, performed here with Radoslav Lorković.
  • #15 I Lost A Day To The Rain with Ellis Paul, Laurie MacAllister & Radoslav Lorković in Homer Alaska. Co-written with Ellis Paul.
  • #16 The Ghost of Crazy Horse -Performed with Radoslav Lorković at the home of Kalie & Mike in Girdwood Alaska. Written by DP & Paul Zollo. Karin on the camera.
  • #17  “Aching To Belong Performed at the Alpine House. A new DP song. Dedicated to D’s sister Deanna – Charlie. Karolina on camera.
  • #18  “Dakota’s Ukulele, Performed with my young pal, Dakota at the Alpine House during Melody Fairchild’s running camp. Co-written with Paul Zollo, our first in a few years. Melody Fairchild on camera, and along with Glen Delman, other important roles in the making of this song and video.
  • #19 “Girl In The War Performed in Santa Cruz at Debra’s house. Written by Josh Ritter, Debra on Camera.
  • #20 “Shiloh Performed on the lower deck at the Pinecliff House. Written by DP & Paul Zollo. This song has been called the best civil war song ever. This song lives on DP’s 8th album, 2016’s “Still The Birds
  • #21 “Girl From Golden by Dave Carter
  • #22 “Singer/Songwriter Heaven written by Kevin Faherty, performed by Darryl and Kevin and Patrick DeSimio-Sophiliazo. Camera and set design by Debra Szecsei.
  • #23 ‘The Nearness Of You (Red Garland) Performed in an undisclosed location. Written by DP & Paul Zollo. This song lives on DP’s 8th album, 2016’s “Still The Birds
  • #24 “A Place Where Everyone Sings written by Mark Josephs. I love this song. ~dp
  • #25 “The Only Living Boy in New York Live from New York City. A Paul Simon song —never played all the way through, before—and played it LIVE on Facebook!
  • #26 “The Last Great Kiss of the 20th Century -Performed in the living room of the Pinecliff House. Written by DP. This song lives on DP’s 2nd album, “Same River Twice” (the acoustic version), and DP’s 3rd album, “Travelers Code” (the extended, extra twist version)
  • #27 “She Don’t Live Here Anymore” Written and performed by Sarah Banker & Darryl Purpose
  • #28 “Until We Come Home Strangers co-written and performed by Patrick DeSimio-Sophiliazo and Darryl Purpose
  • #29 “The Ghost of Crazy Horse Co-written with Paul Zollo. That was an extra effort there, to do it sideways. Try it, not easy.
  • #30 “Prince of the Apple Towns” a song about the great Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas. Live from Nederland Colorado, co-written with Paul Zollo. This song lives on DP’s 8th album, 2016’s “Still The Birds
  • #31 “The River Where She Sleeps Written by Dave Carter/Performed live in Nederland, Colorado. Karolina on camera, set design, paleo friendly pumpkin bread cooking, and, dry ice machine.
  • #32 “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go”
  • #33 “Koreatown” – Imagine you find yourself in 1990’s Los Angeles on a sweaty summer day. Then, everything goes wrong. Co-written with Paul Zollo performed in Chico California Sunday morning, posted Monday early AM from Colorado after a long travel day of technical difficulty.
  • #34  ‘Travelers Code’ performed LIVE. For my mom who’s 84th birthday would have been today. Co-written with Robert Morgan Fisher.
  • #35 “Dakota’s Ukulele Performed LIVE on Facebook with Dakota at Melody Fairchild’s Boulder Mountain Warriors team running camp. Camera by Glen Delman. Co-written with Paul Zollo
  • #36 “There Ought to Be a Highway,  Performed LIVE on Facebook from my living room in Nederland Colorado co-written with Robert Morgan Fisher.
  • #37  “Gentle Arms of Eden – Performed in Rincon, Puerto Rico at the Harmony House with Willie-K. Written by Dave Carter. We were here for Justine Sanchez’s yoga retreat. Yoga, beach, and a visit to a local orphanage. Nobody would laugh at you if you called this the best song ever written. Megan & Karolina (birthday girl!) behind the camera.
  • #38 When I Go” / “Bye Bye Blackbird (Two for the price of One!) Performed with Megan McLaughlin of The Musers from Megan and Jim’s house in Sebastopol.”When I Go” is another perfect song from Dave Carter. Go see Tracy Grammer to hear more of Dave’s amazing catalogue and too-short life.
  • #39 It’s a Good Thing written by Andrew Lorand and The Puppets of Castro, performed by Darryl at the Pinecliff House in Nederland Colorado. Camera by Kari. This song is about a guy who falls in love, despite himself. Andrew is a brilliant and unusual guy, and he asked me to sing 4 songs on the latest Puppets of Castro project – “I, Nebulous”. This is one of them. It’s a great pleasure to sing these songs of Andrew’s.
  • #40 “I Can Get There From Here” Written by DP & Robert Morgan Fisher for the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament, Los Angeles to Washington DC, 1986. Performed in Portland OR on a Gareth Jenkins guitar. Karolina on camera. Hey peace marchers!
  • #41 “You Must Go Home For Christmas” Written by DP & Robert Morgan Fisher Performed LIVE at Hub Ned in Nederland Colorado because 250 upload speed is so awesome.
    PS – I am looking for a budding filmmaker to help me upgrade these weekly videos. Joshua Zollo, you’d be my first choice, though I know you are busy with other film work and school.
  • #42 The Christians and the Pagans
    Written by Dar Williams. Performed by DP, LIAT, Liat Sara and Michael Scherr at the Alpine House in Nederland. I met Liat and Michael at a yoga retreat here at the Alpine House in Nederland Colorado, hosted by Adam Brous. They are both AMAZING musicians who gamely played along here, but didn’t get to show off their real gifts. Check them out.
    Playing all songs from Gift of the Magi album this month. This @Dar Williams song is an absolute all time favorite.
  • #43  “May It Be” by Enya
    Performed by DP in the studios of KRFC live on The Folk Show with host Steve Brockway. I played many songs from The Gift of the Magi on Steve’s show today. We picked this one to be today’s Sunday Song. Steve is cute when he sings along. Oh, and the ending is phunny!
  • #44 “The Gift of the Magi” Written by DP & Mary Sue Twohy
    Performed Live from Maui Karolina on camera.
    Epilogue: ’The Island Song’, for Helen MacEachron (From Maui, where Helen swam, to the island, and back again).
  • #45 “Christmas In The Trenches”
    Performed by DP at Hub Ned in Nederland
    Written by John McCutcheon. This is the last of the GIFT OF THE MAGI songs (until next year??) FYI Gift of the Magi is available on BandCamp — CD’s and downloads.Thanks to everybody for hanging in there with me all these weeks. I sure have enjoyed the fun and the challenge! Thanks much to Joshua Zollo for editing and production help! Looking forward to more of that! This should be the last week we use an iPhone to record this. In case you didn’t know, we’ve been editing these down to a minute and posting them on Instagram. Those are fun. We plan to post to You Tube soon, make a real deal thing out of this. -7:06
  • #46 “You Can Walk Up There”
    Brand new song in progress. The story goes that many years ago at the housewarming party for the Pinecliff House, a neighbor and I were looking out at the continental divide, covered in deep white snow, and he said, “ya know, you can walk up there”. And so I have, and now there’s this song – “You Can Walk Up There” It is a work in progress, there may be some co-writers, but mostly it just popped out of me real quick a couple of days ago. Check out the minute long edit of this video by Joshua Zollo on Instagram.
  • #47 “Dreams of Life”written by DP and Paul Zollo
    Performed by D in Nederland Colorado, at home, a new corner of the house! Thanks to Joshua Zollo for editing, and answering my dumb questions, etc! (we will have to come up with an official title for Josh other than ‘one who answers D’s dumb questions’) This is one of my very fave songs. I played it in week #4 of 52 Sunday Songs, but apparently I didn’t ‘save’ the video on facebook, so it seems to have disappeared. So, doing it again! I’m gonna do the ‘classics’ for the last few Sunday Songs, or, as much as an under-the-radar-mountain-singer-songwriter can have classics.
  • #48 “Mr. Schwinn” – Written by Darryl Purpose and Robert Morgan Fisher, Performed LIVE by Darryl at an undisclosed location.
  • #49 “When Buddha Smiled at the Elephant”
    written by Darryl Purpose and Paul Zollo, performed LIVE by D in honor of Thich Nhat Hanh, the 92 yr old monk, the prince of mindfulness, who has moved to Vietnam to quietly transition.
    I was blessed to walk with Thay in 2013 in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I put music to his words, a song called ‘Interbeing’ that I’m told his monks and nuns still sing at services. They have also used this song — When Buddha Smiled at the Elephant— to help spread their message of loving kindness throughout the world.
    This Sunday Song goes out to Thay, in gratitude, with love.
  • #50 “Orange Raincoat”
    Written by Darryl Purpose and Paul Zollo, performed by Darryl at another undisclosed location.
    The original tracks for this, and many of the Sunday Songs are available to stream and buy at Bandcamp. This one is from Next Time Around album, which was produced by Billy Crockett at Blue Rock Studios in Wimberley Texas.
    This track was played at Starbucks playlists all over the country!
  • #51 “Dangerous Game” – Written by Darryl Purpose and Robert Morgan Fisher. Performed by Darryl at Richard Munchkin’s house, the Sunday after-party of the Blackjack Hall of Fame dinner, commonly referred to as the Blackjack Ball.On the camera, Heather Ferris. Behind the camera are about 50 of the worlds most dangerous advantage players (we’d turn the camera around but we’d have to kill you. Ha.) This is a perfect song for this crowd, one that I have not played for fifteen years! Shout out to Naneki Scialla who’s story I embody in the third verse about Mercury Nevada, and ‘Art’, who was a big part of the first verse about Sri Lanka. The second and fourth verses are fiction, though lightly tethered to the dangerous life style of my early adult life.
  • #52 Race The Wind Written by Darryl Purpose. Performed by Darryl in Richard Munchkin’s garage in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Introduction from an undisclosed location)That’s right folks, it’s come to this, we have reached #52!I saved this one for last, it’s a favorite. Written for Melody Fairchild, the legendary runner from Boulder Colorado. Mother of Dakota’s Ukulele), wife of Glen, friend of mine.Filmed by Heather Ferris. It’s our first Sunday Song with a good camera and mic! (though the intro is just a selfie with my iPhone!)I was walking through Rocky Mountain National Park with Thich Nhat Hanh. He, the prince of mindfulness, spoke of arriving with each step, before taking the next. That sunk into my awareness and came out in this song as a wish for Melody.And because there is no finish line, A SUNDAY SONG will continue! Look for us next week, episode 53! with a special guest!!
  • “A SUNDAY SONG episode 53”
    Featuring Paul Zollo – Paul sings “Orange Raincoat” (#patchouli&pepperspray) and I sing “Prince of the Apple Towns” for DylanThomas. Both are songs we wrote together. The first is featured on my “Next Time Around” CD, The second on “Still The Birds
    This begins the second year of Sunday Songs, we will try to feature guest artists most weeks, with the Great Paul Zollo kicking it off. Joshua Zollo on Camera from Paul’s house in Southern California, me singing into my iPhone from an undisclosed location.
    Edited in iMovie by DP on the run.
    More soon, love to all.
  • A SUNDAY SONG #54 “Late For Dinner”/”Halfway Home”
    Both songs written by Darryl Purpose and Robert Morgan Fisher.”Halfway Home” is a distinctly personal true tale. Though I was never shot through the chest, there was a shooting at a halfway house, I was covered with blood, and my ex-girlfriend (and now long time friend) ‘Laura Lee’, was there. At some point this entire story can be told, right Amybeth Hurst? :):)
    Late For Dinner came from Betsy Potterfield from St. Petersburg, FL, who’s veteran husband had suddenly disappeared. Years later, she told me, “If he showed up at my door today, I don’t know if I’d shoot him, or tell him he’s late for dinner.”
    Late For Dinner is on the album “A Crooked Line”
    Halfway Home is on the album “Same River Twice”, available on Bandcamp.
  • A SUNDAY SONG #55 “Lean on me, Love” featuring Merry Hell singing “Lean on me, Love” and DP singing “A Crooked Line”.Merry Hell performed “Lean On Me, Love” at the Half Moon in Putney, Sunday afternoon March 10, 2019.
    Written by John Kettle.
    Darren Beech on the camera.
    I sang “A Crooked Line” on the same day from my friend Carol Aw’s apartment in Canary Wharf, London.
    Carol was on the camera.
    Written by Darryl Purpose and Paul Zollo
    Saturday evening came and nothing had been planned for Sunday. Since I’d promised to include friends on this year’s Sunday Songs, and I was a long way from home… But… along comes My long time friend, Darren Beech, (folking dot com) inviting me to a Sunday afternoon show by his friends in Merry Hell, who agreed to offer a song. I enjoyed their entire set immensely!!!
    Darren also requested A Crooked Line from me, so this Sunday Song episode 55 is for him!
    Next week from Germany.
  • A SUNDAY SONG #56 “A Voice For Nudem Durak”written by Sonia Rutstein, performed by SONiA disappear fear with Darryl Purpose in Germany,recorded by Heinz Haberzettl in Munich at Eine-Welt-Haus. The introduction was filmed on DP’s iPhone in Birkenried, at Kulturgewächshaus Birkenried.Song for Nudem DurakNudem Durak was imprisoned in Turkey, simply for singing a song in Kurdish, her native language. Recently her sentence was increased to fifteen years.This song is Sonia’s contribution to the movement to have her released. Darryl has also committed to writing a song for her.A new twist this week — I had played mostly solo SUNDAY SONGS for the first 52 weeks. Since then I’ve invited artist friends to also play a song. This week, I take a hiatus to feature this remarkable song from Sonia. What fun it’s been to open these shows for Sonia!!
  • A SUNDAY SONG Episode 57
    from Nederland Colorado featuring William Nicholson singing his song, “Multi-Colored Fish”, and Darryl Purpose singing “Present In The Color Blue”, written by DP and Robert Morgan Fisher.

    William is a veteran, a great dad, and seems to always have a guitar in his hands. I met him outside the New Moon Bakery on Saturday. Sometimes I wave, sometimes I sit and listen, sometimes we trade songs. This time I asked him to record a Sunday Song with me.

    Apologies for the wind sound, which almost drowns out his explanation of the song – explanation something about how he took the melody from the vibrations of the colors of the rainbow. I continued the color theme with a new-old song about colors.

  • A SUNDAY SONG The penultimate SUNDAY SONG (58) featuring Willy Porter singing his song “Paper Airplane” before the show at Friends House Concerts in Colorado Springs.What a fun concert last night! Willy met the energy of a packed house with artistic ferocity and radical kindness. He gives the rest of us singer songwriters something to shoot for.
  • Episode 59 – “The Fourth Chair
    This is the last Sunday Song…
    Written by Darryl Purpose and Kathleen Brophy, a day after I left Ellis Paul’s house in Maine, many years ago. Kathleen was in Boston and we wrote the song there.
    Camera by Karolina Naumova

    The Fourth Chair is probably the best of my songs that hadn’t been featured yet on A Sunday Song. There are some good one’s we missed — Rutherford Hayes, Ring On My Hand! — but this one is special, at least partly because of the connection to Ellis, and Kathleen, and the woman it was written for…

    This original track is on the ‘Next Time Around’ CD.

    What a fantastic challenge and joy it has been to be responsible for posting a song each Sunday – THANK YOU for following along! We did 59 weeks! Once we had to wait until Tuesday, a few times we recorded the Sunday Song on Friday or Saturday, but we always got it done, though sometimes with a twist on what a Sunday Song was, exactly.
    Ultimately, if a Sunday Song is a DP original, well, that’s not sustainable. If it is/was a friend’s song, and a DP song, well then, it’s 15 minutes long, and nobody watches a 15 minute long video. I also began to feel a little squeamish about asking friends, usually with careers of their own, to play a song for me to post on my page. So this is it, for now.

    HUGE THANKS to all the musicians who contributed, from the The Super Saturated Sugar Strings (episode #1! miss you guys!!) to Willy Porter (episode #58! What a treat!!)

    I’m working on getting all of them up on YouTube. Meantime, be kind to each other. You haven’t heard the last from me. xo